TRxADE Exchange

The TRxADE pharmaceutical exchange opens and widens the distribution channel to the retail, community pharmacy like never before.  A purchasing pharmacy is able to view products from manufacturers, buying groups and wholesalers on a real-time and continuous basis. This approach significantly enhances the competitive spirit of the exchange where the lowest price exists for each product at any given point in time.

Due to the restrictive nature of the pharmaceutical distribution channel and consequent lack of descriptive price transparency and product availability, TRxADE has become a competitive tool for all progressive entities.  Our listed products have earned the reputation of being the most competitively priced in the nation with high availability rates from our quality national supplier partners.

TRxADE is recognized for its easy searching of hard-to-find generic pharmaceuticals at substantially reduced prices.  TRxADE applies a proactive, sophisticated approach to inventory product management that is utilized in other industries, but not in the monopolized and restrictive, pharmaceutical channel of distribution.  Providing valid and immediate price transparency is TRxADE’s motto.

At TRxADE, we have developed a corporate strategy of penetrating the existing independent, retail community pharmacy marketplace and to concentrically diversify and expand our product mix with additional specialty and acute care pharmaceutical products.  Our exchange can also expand, without modification, to the clinical, hospital and governmental markets.

Our national headquarters is located in Tampa, Florida where we maintain our technology and administrative center.  Our technology center has systems to ascertain pricing and costs throughout the pharmaceutical distribution channel.

Our customer service efforts support lives by our mission statement:

“We deliver what we promise and we always go the extra distance.”