Pharmacy Services

TRxADE provides our members with numerous beneficial services such as our Medicare Part D and Advantage Evaluator.  Pharmacies can utilize this service in conjunction with our MTM service capabilities to determine the lowest cost insurance plan specific to a client’s medication regimen.  Pharmacists can utilize our system to enhance the pharmacist/physician relationship by utilizing TRxADE’s product consulting templates.

Our library of regulations, compliance, legislation news and predictions are  constantly updated to benefit the TRxADE member. Federal price reimbursement controls and the corresponding reimbursement ceiling benchmarks “FUL,” “NARP,” and “NADAC,” are all compared to Pinnacle Tek’s research-based pharmacy acquisition cost benchmark “PAC,”.  This affords members the ability to determine their ingredient cost profit on each product acquisition before the pharmaceutical is purchased.  “RX Guru” calls this our “Seeing around corners purchasing benefit.”