President’s Message

Prashant Patel RPh, MSc

Prashant Patel
President/COO and Director

Welcome to the TRxADE Health.  We are a family of like-minded business entities with a common goal to bring value to the current pharmaceutical industry through the creation of enhanced value, transparency and trust among thousands of pharmaceutical channel partners. At TRxADE Health, we understand the challenges created by today’s highly burgeoning healthcare costs and have taken the initiative to help contain them.  By bringing together pharmaceutical stakeholders on a common platform, we bring efficiency to the pharmaceutical buying process, thus reducing healthcare costs to the end user.

TRxADE Health in time is becoming the epicenter of good pharmaceutical practice and fair pricing at a time when healthcare law has just begun to focus on cost cutting and efficiency.  We offer the missing piece to the new Affordable Care Act by helping reduce pharmaceutical costs and thus play a major role in tomorrow’s new healthcare era.  We are committed to expanding our portfolio of products and services and to drive growth and value for all our investors, members, and employees. I hope you share my excitement for the growth and uniqueness of everything that TRxADE Health has to offer and the truly remarkable position and reputation we have achieved.  Our measurable success is due to the valuable relationships we have established and will continue to establish as we strive to make healthcare and medications more affordable and accessible to all.