Our Products

TRxADE’s web-based product platform maintains an extensive generic pharmaceutical portfolio which is accessible to community pharmacies nationwide.  We also ensure a tremendous variety of brand & specialty pharmaceutical products are available to its members.  TRxADE extends the sales reach of generic manufacturers by consolidating and presenting access to the best suppliers in the nation.  Additionally, TRxADE offers generic specials, “deals of the day,” manufacturer specific deals and seasonal discounts on top-selling items.

Our national headquarters is located in Tampa, Florida where we maintain our technology and administrative center.  Our technology center has systems to ascertain pricing and costs throughout the pharmaceutical distribution channel.

Specialty pharmacy is a rapidly growing market for which TRxADE is well equipped to service. Whether your product is dispensed through a pharmacy, physician, clinic or other healthcare facility, we leverage a seasoned sales staff to communicate new product launches, products in short supply and promotional opportunities to drive sales for our supplier partners.  Our customer service efforts support lives by our mission statement: “We deliver what we promise and we always go the extra distance.”